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Re: Re: Re: s2000

Originally Posted by datsunscom
Except he raced a weak (no low end) S2000 - no torque in those beasts. It had a turbo that added only 50hp? Why bother? That's what, 5PSI?

Light modded STi's and EVO's can be a handful, ESPECIALLY between 20 and 80mph. I've diced with them around town (um, I mean low speed portions of the track :-) and they're a bitch to get a bead on from down low because they hook up so well. Once we get to use 3rd gear though...sayonara! At least for them to get a holeshot on you they need to do an expensive clutch dump, whereas we have 3.0L of torque down low. "Nice race, is that your clutch I smell?"

Oh yeah, nice kill by the way :-)
Eh, stock for stock, I have yet to see a Sti or EVO lose to a 300zx from any mph roll. Mods, another story.
And as for a 50hp bump up for a s2000, that's pathetic. You can get more in from the superchargers they have out for them(which I hear suck). I hear all of the time that the best mod for those cars are gears. They are not straight line cars, but it seems like going from a dump, they can get a good jump on a Z.
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