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so around albany ny there are alot of those hot shot a-hole kids with hondas, acuras, sti's, evo's, and alot of M3s. tonite i was cruising going to the market and a s2000pulled up next to me. i ask him if its turbo he yells out "yea 290hp" he asks me what i have and i yell over "twin turbo 380hp" he looks like he doesnt think its true, i hear him downshift and i knew it was coming so i drop down into 3rd (and of course you all know w/ our z32's 3rd is deadly) i take off and watch him get smaller and smaller in my mirrors until i let up at about 110. it took him almost a block to catch up and when he did his mouth was still wide open, i gave him a thumbs up and he turned off the highway....i like kids like that who are cool about losing, anyways this was my first "race" sense i bought my z last month. its cool how Z's kind of demand respect.
i cant wait to run into one of the kids w/ the old wrx or a sti
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