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Originally posted by MADASS
If i remember correctly it had the same engine as the old Moris Minor (Moggy Thou) as they were called in these parts. and i believe they did a twin carb one that was a tad on the nippy side for its day, i think i am also right in saying that it was partly built with wood, at least the early one's whether or not it is a cracking little sports car.

Yes they both used a 998cc version of the Austin A-Series engine but theyre not identical, the sprite version has more power.

All Spridgets (except for the +74 triumph engined 1500) used twin SU carbs. The Mk1 'Bugeye" used twin 1 1/8" and after that they used twin 1 1/4" the same as what was used on a Mini Cooper except with a different manifold that held them on a slightly different angle.

No Spridgets had a wood body, they are all monoque steel bodied. The last wood bodied sports car to be built at Abingdon (The MG factory where Austin-Healeys were assembled) was the MG TF that ceased production in 1955.

The performance of them isnt startling if you compare it to modern traffic but thats not what they should be put up against. They were always a poor mans sports car made with parts out of other BMC cars and they still had a reasonable turn of speed compared to cars of the day like Austin A30s and Morris Minors.
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