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Re: Austin Healey lovers post here

Originally posted by Mclaren F1
anyone here have an Austin Healey? I have a 65 austin healey bugeye father used to race it and he gave it to me. Great car, i don't drive it much, it's too precious to me.
anyone here like those vintage austin healeys?
I'm sure you don't have a 1965 Austin-Healey "bugeye" Sprite, since the "bugeye" version ended production years earlier. A 1965 Sprite is a Mk III as opposed to the Mk I (1959-1961), Mk II (1961-1964), Mk IV (1967-1969), or the Austin Sprite (1970).

I have a 1972 MG Midget, basically the same car as the Sprite.
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