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Originally posted by Paonessa

my last maxima went 165,000 miles and was still running strong when i traded it in for my new one. let's see any chevy or pontiac go that long without at least one rebuild if not more.
umm, yeah. My dad's 85 chevy G30 van has 260K on the truck, 180K on the second engine. The first engine blew because it was overheated severely. This 350 has 180K and is still going strong, not to mention it's a 1 ton work van that we carry some heavy things with every now and then. Hows that? BTW this engine with 180K has been overheated twice because of faulty thermostats, and the fact that my dad doesn't pay attention to the gauges other than the speedo. So it's been to approx. 260 degrees twice. Carb is messed up(quadrajunk) and the radiator leaks like a siv - have to put a gallon in it every day. HAHA but engine still runs good.
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