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Originally posted by yojcbeast
A response to the maxima post. How much is a brand new maxima? 25k-30k?

You can get a decked out camaro for up to 10k less with the same kind of warranty. And a very well known and trust 3.8. Well known in the sense that it has been around for such a long time that there are countless mods for it.

I wouldn't pay an extra 10k for a maxima
they're uuuggggglllly
my last maxima went 165,000 miles and was still running strong when i traded it in for my new one. let's see any chevy or pontiac go that long without at least one rebuild if not more. you may pay more up front but in the long run my maxima cost me nil for all the fun i got out of it. and i have never had someon look at my car and say "oh, it's only the six cylinder" i'll bet you have.
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