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Whoa, there are alot of misinformed people in this thread. I'm new here and I own a 99 v6 camaro with a borla catback exhaust, slp cold air intake, 3.73s gearing and a few other mods. I run 14s all day.
And running 14s certainly keeps pace if not surpasses mustang gts. Also the gearing will let me smoke a gt by quite a few car lengths to at least 40 mph. Yes I do realize a fully modded GT vs. a fully modded V6 Camaro gt wins. I'm just exemplifying the potential. Also, a GT has never, ever compared to a z28 or a trans am. other than the obvious hp differences (260 vs. 310. The z28 comes with a better exhaust and gearing that the stock gt. It's really not a comparison. Stock late model z28s and trans ams run 5 flat ALL DAY. GTs are lucky to hit 5s.

Base V6 Mustang vs. Base V6 Camaro vs. Base V6 Firebird

The base V6 Mustang is a 3.8 liter motor rated at 193hp and 225ft-lbs of torque. The Camaro and Firebird V6 is also a 3.8 liter rated at 200hp and 225ft-lbs.

The Mustang V6 should help it to 60 in less than 9seconds and will run it through the 1/4 mile in less than 17 seconds. The GM engine will send the Firebird and Camaro twins to 60 in about 7.4 seconds and will click the 1/4 mile traps at around 15.7 seconds. 15.7 secs without the y87 sport package

Mustang GT vs. Camaro Z28 vs. Firebird V8

The Mustang GT steps up the powerplant to a V8 engine displacing 4.6 liters and topping the engine with 'fancier' heads than the Camaro or Firebird. It puts out 260hp and 302ft-lbs of torque, compared to the GM LS1 powerplant (5.7 liters) putting out 310hp and 335ft-lbs of torque.

To make things a little worse here, chassis dyno measurements (measures true rear wheel hp - or how much is hitting the pavement) have shown that Chevrolet and Pontiac are actually underrating the LS1's power figures while Ford's motor actually puts out slightly less than it should.

Performance figures for these levels are in the mid 5 to high second range 0-60 for the GT and low 5 second range for the Z28 and Firebird V8 (or Trans Am). The quarter mile goes by in the low 14 second range for the GT while the GM twins get through it in the mid 13 second area (quite a few car lengths at that speed).

Mustang Cobra vs. Camaro SS vs. Firebird WS6

Stepping up a level in price and performance brings the GM LS1 power figures to 325hp and 345ft-lbs of torque. The Mustang Cobra comes in with a 4.6-liter 4-valve tumble-port V-8. The engine produces 320 horsepower at 6000 rpm and 317 lbs.-ft. of torque at 4750 rpm.

Real world performance got faster by a tenth or two for all three models, with the GM cars going 0-60 in 5 seconds flat (many magazines and outside tests saw high 4 second 0-60 times) and low 13 second quarter mile times. The Cobra hovered around mid 5 seconds for 0-60 and barely cracked into the 13's in the quarter mile (13.9 @ 100mph).

To semi-conclude this chapter, it seems as if the GM cars are a step ahead of the Ford in each match. Ford has taken the high road of technology in their engine, but GM has continued to run more cubic inches of displacement with their 'old-school' pushrod LS1 engine. Since the pricing of these cars is somewhat similar (the Mustangs actually run a bit more), I would have to go with the Camaro Z28 for the best out of all of them, with the Pontiac WS6 (for styling reasons) close behind. If you are looking for performance, the LS1 cars from GM are hard to beat (aren't they Mr. Mustang?).

Another Level? Mustang Cobra R vs. Corvette Z06

Ford's Special Vehicle Team unveiled a new car aimed directly at the Corvette and Viper (according to an SVT spokesman). The Cobra R is a stripped (no a/c, no back seat, no radio) with a bigger, 5.4 liter motor pumping out 385hp and 385ft-lbs of torque. It will run from 0-60 in the mid 4 second range and clear the 1/4 mile in 12.9 seconds @ 110 mph.

Unfortunately for Ford, Chevrolet has produced the quickest Corvette ever (yes, quicker than the ZR1). The Z06 uses a new LS6 5.7 liter engine producing the exact same hp and torque figures as the Cobra R but pulling in much better performance numbers - 0-60 in 4 seconds flat and 1/4 mile in 12.6 seconds @ 114 mph. It also does this with climate control and a very nice radio

It baffles me to see the Mustang consistently outselling GM's cars which are clearly out-powering the Fords at every level. I'm not sure why the Mustang has come on as such a high seller. At any rate, on any level I would choose the GM product (either Camaro, Firebird, or Trans Am - based on your taste in looks) - they are better built, faster, and (my opinion) better looking.

Here's some info for the misinformed
the 3800 Series II V-6 came out in later models of 1995. Not 2000, where did you get that from?

Secondly, it has been proven that a v6 camaro can whoop a v6 stang. Other than the obvious horsepower differences.
200hp and 225 lb/tq at the flywheel vs. 190 hp and 220lb/tq? could be wrong on the stang torque. I have articles upon articles of stock camaros running low 15s stock. Here's one
it shows runs off a 98 camaro. I know for a fact that v6 stangs run 16-17s stock, and I also know that with an exhaust, they perk to life because they do suffer from a huge bottleneck.

and I have more info where that come from...

1999 V6 camaro, 3.73 LSD, SLP CAI, M5, removed maf screen, Borla Catback
Smokin' GT's all day
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