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Cool Re: Wheel Weights

Originally Posted by maxwedge View Post
Explain that theory, see my race car, that
had lite weight Centerline wheels, of course for a
split second during launch that could occur, normal
street driving the unsprung weight of the wheels
will not change static or dynamic center of gravity.
Of course you know that metacenter calculations
apply to floating structures suspended in water.

It's really quite simple: Let's take a more extreme example:

Replace the 22lbs(US) OEM rims with 12lb alloys at each corner. That right there is a 48lb weight reduction right there, assuming same size and aspect ratio are preserved.

Then, install an aftermarket moonroof, about 40-50lbs.

You've just shifted about 50LBS of weight from close to the ground to approximately 4 1/2 to 5ft above! Even my cats can figger that out.

Add 10-15lbs of roof clips for skis, and, you see where this is going.
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