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2015 Blower resistor or module?

Hi, all

2015 1500 Lone star edition.

Blower fan cuts off at random, possibly when I use the brake or stop (low voltage issue?). I changed the blower motor out, which seemed to fix it for a while, but now it is happening again during the heat of summer.

Step 2: Check the blower resistor. Only I can't find a straight answer on what it is even called. I do not have automatic climate control. Is it a relay, a resistor, a module?

Step 3: Where is it? On a 2015, I can tell you it is not next to the blower, because nothing else is down there under the dash. Is it behind the glovebox? How do you get at it?

Thanks for any help. Struggling to get traction with good information so I can even research this. "Blower motor resistor" comes up empty, as does "blower control module." And searching for location for a 2015 comes up empty. Apparently a 2014 and below is the cut off for "where the f**** is it?"
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