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Re: First car under 10k

I wouldn't recommend anything too fast as a first car. Something with a bit of pep, maybe, but put the thought of muscle cars out of your head for now. They're fast in a straight line, but going around corners at any kind of speed will result in a crash.

With used cars 10k leaves you with many options, here are some:
Acura Integra GS-R- (185 hp) or type-r (200 hp) front wheel drive
Ford Focus RS (210 hp) or ST (250 hp)
Chevy Cobalt SS (205 hp in '05-'07 models, 260 hp in '08-'10 models) FWD
Honda Civic Si ('07-'10 models 197 hp) FWd
Honda Prelude Si ('97-01 models 200 hp) or SI-r (220 hp) both FWD
Mazda RX-8 (210 hp or a special edition with 260 hp
Mitsubishi Eclipse GS-t (210 hp turbo FWD) or GSX (210 HP AWD)
Subaru WRX (~250 hp AWD) Avoid the STi it's a bit too powerful for a new driver.
Volkswagen GTI (from '06 on 200 hp FWD)

This list should give you a good start on your search. All these cars are all good first cars, and if you look hard enough, can be found for under 10k. Theyre Fun to drive, they all pack a bit of a punch, but without going overboard and killing
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