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Hey everybody, I'm new . So when i turn 15, im gonna get my learners permit, and you know ehat that means! So I want a car thats fast in a straight line, handling doesnt matter that much to me because everything is flat here, it should get around 20mpg, it should be ok with reliability, I dont mind having to fix the occasional broken part, and it should be under 10k. The only racing this car will do, if at all is drag racing and the occasional street battle. And i know what you're all saying, but you guys do it too, so stop lying. So off topic, anyway, now you know what im looking for in a car. Import or muscle doesnt metter to me, so long as it fits the above requirements. I was looking at mustangs, teggys, camaros, fiestas , e30s, pretty much open to everything. Thx for the help guys, hope you can find me a good car. Thx again.
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