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Re: Wheel Bearing & ABS Light

97 Lumina....Went in for a radiator flush and fill and was told I needed ball joints and tie rods so I did that.

What kind of shop did the work? GM dealership? Non-GM dealership? Used car dealership? Chain? Local garage?

Tie rods and ball joints? Were you feeling/hearing any noise prior to installation? How long after this work was done, did the helicopter sound start?

Then had a bad sound like a helicopter taking off at 30mph and was told right front wheel bearing. Replaced that. As soon as they replaced the wheel bearing, the ABS light came on and now it makes a weird noise when I reverse out of a parking spot.

That sound could have come from a bad bearing....after it was replaced, was the helicopter sound eliminated? How long after replacement, did the ABS light come on(or, was it in fact on, before the bearing was replaced?)? Was this weird noise made immediately after the bearing was replaced?

There is no noise from the fixed wheel bearing but it feels like I am driving a boat sometimes. Kind of floating when I steer. They said likely the other wheel bearing. Does this sound right?

So there is no noise now when going down the road? But a "floating" feeling when you steer? Was this floating feeling there after the BJ's and tie rods were replaced(was an alignment done after this work? Was it recommended if not?)? Or was the floating feeling after the bearing was replaced?

What is the ABS code? Is it for the opposite side circuit, or for the same side that was fixed?
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