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Re: Wheel Bearing & ABS Light

I am not sure how much you know about the ABS and wheel bearing so I'll start with saying the ABS sensor is inside the wheel bearing and all one piece. I replaced my wheel bearing last year for two reasons; the ABS light was on and the bearing was starting to make noise. There is a white wrapped wire going from the wheel bearing assembly to a clip and connector on the hub area. Make sure the wire is tight but also not making contact with the axle as this will ground it out after rubbing on it and baring the wire. Your bearing is new so it's probably not the wire being bare. Check to make sure this connector is plugged in and tight (on both sides) as this will cause the light to come on. It could also be that it is a defective wheel bearing and the sensor is not working correctly. Was the ABS light on before you replaced the bearing or was the bearing just bad? The only other easy to check connector I know of is under the body of the van on the driver's side behind the driver's seat area. 2 connectors there and one is for the fuel pump (larger) the other has a rubber boot and is for the ABS. Check for connectivity. Let us know, thanks.
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