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Re: EB 110

Originally Posted by JD@af
Quad turbo V12? Well that's it, I've seen/heard of everything now.

I read up on this car, and it can't compete with the McLaren in acceleration times wearing 1,100 extra pounds of materials. Not to mention that it's rather small 3.5 liter displacement, even with four turbos, provides torque a little higher in the rpm range than the McLaren's V12.

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Same power, more torque, but also 4WD which means more weight,
In 1995, at the POKKA 1.000 ( 1.000 kms of SUZUKA ) BPR race, with a standard Bugatti with synchromesh and ratios so long that the 6th never has been engaged, until Eric Hélary was at the wheel, 3 of the 8 Mc Larens were in front of us..........but 5 were behind. Thank to 4WD we could drive 2 sessions with a set of tires. Considering that every 50 min there is the pit stop of 25 sec for refuelling + 20 seconds for tires replacement, we gained 20 sec every hour and 40 minutes. The F40s of Michelotto needed refuelling every 40 minutes. They were unbeatable on the lap time, but they even did not finish the race.

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