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Re: 94 RAM 1500 Cruise

I don't have a light of any kind for the Cruise (that I know of). I know in the newer ChryCo vehicles, there's a light comes on when you hit the Cruise (usually on the odometer readout or somewhere...but haven't looked for the light either.

I just went out with a flashlight to see if I could find a light on the Instrument Cluster...nada found anywhere there SHOULD Be one.

The Relay would be a good start...but i'm not sure where to look for it (under hood or under the truck itself)...

Since we didn't get the snow we were expecting, I might be able to check the vacuum and see about whether the vac reservoir is bad (you had mentioned about the engine rev going up or down).

As far as the TPS...not that thing again...(ref to another problem on TWO separate cars (concorde & my no-longer-owned Saturn)).
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