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Re: 94 RAM 1500 Cruise

Prior to changing the "head unit" for the cruise, I did check to see if I had vacuum....which I do. It goes all the way back to the pass side of the 318. Now prior to this, the HVAC vacuum had melted closed, which i've since repaired and it's fine ...which i thought maybe the two were related.

The "Vacuum Reservoir" is under the windshield, if I understand the diagram correctly. How will I know if that's working or not, or will it not work even if my heater goes from DEF to FLOOR and back again (also vac controlled)?

Speedo is problems...but the truck doesn't shift real easy out of 2nd into third on accelleration -- but that is an intermittent problem and a trans shop gave me a nightmarish estimate about replacing it. (it works at least for what i need it to, i'm not going to worry about it)

Lemme know...i forgot to check back on this as i've been in the middle of a few other projects.

-- Ray --
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