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William Randolph Hearst was the original owner of this 1930 Duesenberg Model J Hibbard & Darrin Imperial Cabriolet.

This 1937 Duesenberg Model J Rollston Convertible Berline was one of the last Duesenbergs ever built.

Duesenberg Model SJ Rollson Fully Collapsible Town Car

Shortly after the production of the Duesenberg J ceased a wealthy German interest expressed his interest in acquiring a Duesenberg of his own. A 1931 demonstrator was still in the factory with a damaged cylinder and its LeBaron body removed and fitted on another chassis. Bauer went ahead and bought the chassis from Felz Motors who had purchased many of the chassis for spares. The extravagant German had the chassis lengthened and the engine patched up, ready to receive its new body.

Bauer himself had drawn up the designs for his Duesenberg and wanted Germany's finest coachbuilder Erdmann & Rossi to execute the body. In March 1938 the chassis was moved by rail to New York to be shipped to Germany, but the escalating situation in Europe convinced Bauer to stay in the United States. He now turned to Rollson, the reorganized coachbuilder previously known as Rollston, to complete his body. Early in 1940 the 'last' Duesenberg was completed and Bauer took delivery of one of the most striking of them all.

What Bauer had tried to achieve was to build the longest car ever to hit the road and had done so by actual lengthening and applying some visual tricks. One of these 'tricks' was the absence of running boards, which together with moving the spare tires to the back of the car gave the impression of a massive wheelbase. The nose longer as well with a new grill mounted in front of the radiator. To top things off he had the largest example of Duesenberg's traditional radiator ornament made. The interior was relatively straightforward, except for the purple upholstery.

In a stunningly original condition this unique creation was on show at the 2005 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, where it was entered in the preservation class and received a second in class award.


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