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actually it seems to do it a little worse when it warms up. Since the last post I have done plugs, wires, cap and rotor. So total I have done, plugs, wires , cap, rotor, oxygen sensor, fuel filter and it still does it awful bad. It is to the point where it is getting unsafe to drive, at 2k it just shakes violently and it either losing fuel or spark, but it only does it under load, while driving. You can sit there and rev it all day and it wont do it, unless you are driving. It is getting worse, and I am absolutely stumped. What do these things have for timing control, do they have like a cam position sensor, crank position sensor, things like that? How about ecm, could that cause a problem like this? PLEASE help me guys, I dont know what to do. She is still paying off the car and can barely even drive it, and she doesnt have tons of money to pay someone to fix it. Thanks!
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