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Re: having problems with 94 Geo Tracker.....

Originally Posted by 94twacker
well I changed the fuel filter and oxygen sensor and it still does it. It is so violent the tires will chirp at like 30mph. We seem to have it narrowed down to between 2000-2500 rpm's. If you keep on it it will clear up around 3k. Im thinking ignition now...

does the car stall when you come to a stop sign.that would indicate bad egr valve. or the egr. does it have a miss in the engine.
i had a problem with the wires going to thefuel pump that caused a miss in the engine
or maybe bad wires or coil. or plugs
also does the check engine light stay on all the time. if it does there is a switch by the left front speaker (behind dash on my 95) i think you turn it on then turn on ignition then turn off switch this should reset the ecm. if that is not the right sequence go to library get chilton manual for tracker they give you the right sequence. my light was on when i bought my tracker
i went to library and got sequence and turn off the light. it come on automatically at 30,000 60,000 90,000.
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