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having problems with 94 Geo Tracker.....

Oh, heres the story, my girlfriend has had this 94 tracker since probably march and it has been a very good vehicle, basically trouble free. Well the service engine light has been on since she bought it, and finally I figured out how to check the codes. I had to use the "california" port and according to everything Ive read hers must be a california one because she has the mfi 1.6 liter, not the throttle body injected one, and I read that was only available in a California tracker in 94, and not in federal ones until 95. Anyways the codes that I got were code 13, oxygen sensor no signal change, and a code 51, egr valve. So first thing I did was disconnect the battery, took out what I thought was the EGR valve, its down at the bottom of the motor in the back, actually in the block held in by two bolts, I took that off, cleaned the valve itself the best I could, and the ports in the motor with a q-tip, replace the gasket and put it back together. Well the light is now back on with the same codes again. Also she has started having troubles with it. While driving, especially when accelerating up a hill and such it will be just fine then all of the sudden shake and shutter really bad, then go back to normal. I mean its pretty violent like someone trying to start out in a standard vehicle for the first time, it really shakes and hesitates. It seems like it is either A) losing fuel or B) losing spark. It doesnt really seem to be rpm related, nor gear related or anything. It happens in the city sometimes as well, but worse when like going up a hill and giving it more gas to accelerate, it just jolts and shakes for like 2 seconds then goes back to normal. I dont really know for sure if this is related to the two codes that I got from it, I dont think the egr would have anything to do with it, but I suppose its possible the oxygen sensor would. I just dont understand why the light has been on this entire time, and it just NOW starts to have driveability issues. I think Im going to change the fuel filter and see if that helps at all, and I may also put a timing light on it and check that, but I really dont think that is what it is. It idles smooth as can be, and otherwise runs great. It is a 4 wheel drive 5 speed just to let you guys know. I really appreciate any advice I can get, I am more of a gm man myself and dont know too much about these cars. Oh by the way, I tried running some seafoam through it but it didnt seem to make a difference. Thanks again guys and I look forward to reading your responses!
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