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Re: 98 lumina LTZ 3.8 smoke out the exhaust

The 3.8 is all together and running. Took it on a 60 mile drive and i didn't notice any smoke. it does come up with a P0140 code still. I'll play with that later.
did notice that the 3.8 doesn't sit level in the car, it tilt's to the back quite a bit.
i suspect that Chevy did this to make the motor fit the body? I wonder if the oil in the back head doesn't fill up and go down the stem's since it's tilted so far.
I've owned 4 lumina's with the 3.1 and this is my 2nd with the 3.8, the 3.1's never smoked and the 1st 3.8 wasn't driven enough to catch the smoke.
This car really didn't use what i would think alot of oil. Heck when i get 4,000 or so miles on my 92 Lumina with the 3.1 and it's a quart low, i just change it.
Time will tell on this 3.8.
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