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Re: 98 lumina LTZ 3.8 smoke out the exhaust

Got a look at the front bank valve stem seal's and they didn't look anything like what should of been in there, no steel band on the bottom's and some slid rite off the head, other's had to pry off. all were loose on the stem's.
Spent 6 hour's leaning over the hood, Pretty hard on my 63 year old back. lol.
But i got them all changed. all in all, i'd say that's what's caused my smoke problem.
The back's were a burger, lost one keeper but found in on top of the head.
Tomorrow i'll reinstall all the crap i had to take off to get the valve cover off and lifting bracket that was in the way to get the valve spring off.
One thing is the heater hose fitting's in the belt tensioner, no one local have the oring's.
The inside of the valve cover's and on the top's of the head's were surprisingly clean. I seen no sludge build up at all.
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