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Re: 1997 ford escort daily stalling

Originally Posted by tomgirlbc View Post
Hi, there not sure if anyone will notice my post here I have read other comments that people are or have had with the same problem i am having. Before i take it into a shop I wanted to search out what my problem could be, Basically same thing , staling, starts perfect even when it was minus 30 with out plugged in, always started, it was on occasion when i was driving and usually applied a bit of gas after have stopped or actually have stopped and then proceeding again.. .my car is 1997 ford Escort, it was my sons who passed away 4 years ago, i have been driving it, very good on gas, this problem just started this past winter, so i only drove it locally and not on the highway, i want to get it fixed because it is also sentimental and i need a car.if it is the idle bypass valve could someone let me know any suggestions what it could be or is , thanks so much everything else about the car is awesome, runs great, we have put a bit of work into it but just minor details, love how it starts up so easy in the winter , still winter here lol thanks so much
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