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Re: How do I launch an automatic?

I used to drive a manual as well, it was a 2000 v6 mustang (yes, a v6 mustang but it still had a decent amount of power). Just like what student said, I had the clutch in and revved it to about 2000 RPMs at least (for that car other than 1st gear, the power started kicking in at at least 2500 RPMs). Then I would just dump the clutch and start power shifting all the way up to 5th gear. I've never done it with an automatic before but I know that my friend drives a '94 mercedes e320 and all he does is floor it right from idle. Now I drive an automatic IS 250 and am now wondering, can I just rev it up to 2000 RPMs (just like what I used to do with my mustang) while braking and then just launch from there? Or should I try to find where my stall point is? Oh and I'm planning on using paddle shifters, I don't plan on using just D. I tried flooring it from idle and it just wasn't fast enough for me.
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