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Door stuck open after lock stuck in the cold (lincoln mark viii '94)

I have yet to find anything of this nature searching through the online forums.

Here is my issue starting with how it is now stuck open:

On a day below freezing, I tried to unlock my car (driver side) but I couldn't. This had happened once before, so I climbed in the passenger side.
I then drove to work thinking it would warm up, though I found out otherwise.

I then tried to unlock it from the unlock button. It made the unlock noise, but the protruding unlock bar didn't move, so I attempted to pull it up.
I may have used too much force and I pulled the bar up so that it seemed as though it were unlocked (though it was still locked).

I then pushed it back down and tried the handle again. Nothing.
I remembered that if you pull the handle, it will unlock it sometimes too, so I pulled until it gave way (which took little force).

The handle then became loose and no longer functioned as before.
I ended up escaping the passenger side, but when I came back and started driving off, to my surprise my car door flung open and from that point has not been able to latch shut.

I apologize for the lengthy story, but I have taken the door panel off, sprayed it with lubricant, and attempted unscrewing the lock. My next bet is bringing it to a shop, but that is my last effort.

Any help would be great
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