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Re: Best Sleeper In STOCK Form

as a sleeping racer goes im not telling you what kind of car I got but I will tell you what im affraid of newer Buick GNX or even a 2000 - 2005 eclipse ohc v6 / 3.0L 181 cu. in 200-205hp | 205 torq even that being said anyone can take a basic car shell drop it on something else but the rumbling of the outer shell and the Hoosier tires are a dead give away then lastly is a Toyota Supra which everyone knows about. some rules or guide lines so to speak to follow, v4 fwd are very sluggish even at high rpm because of the body/drag to get a stock sleeper... isnt a sleeper its just a car, putting things in the car to out perform most of the other stock cars are called sleepers meaning they sleep or seem naturally stock but the tire spinning and front wheels being lifted up off the ground once that pedal gets hit is the whole difference between a basic car and a sleeper. v6's are nice or even a v6 fwd built switched for a rwd with a bi-turbo (hidden) is a nice solution to most problems, that with some inner'ds being upgraded without making the car sound to bad or even putting silencer mufflers to further reduce the cars sound is a nice addition. further more get a list of all the v6 and v8 cars, do some research and try to find out how to build something up to look completly different. (its all about how creative you can be and what people you hang around) *just remember not to go showing off you will get noticed fairly quickly unless your not gonna hustle* if you dont have much safety gear and you pass the finish line upside down and end up in the hospital with out a limb does that mean you won or lost, just something to think about.
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