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I can only get rid of parts in kits that won't make another car, so various spare parts such as bumpers, wings, things that may have been replaced with an aftermarket part.

For example, one of the EVOs was built as a VI, and so it has a spare V bumper and wing set etc.

Warren, what sort of thing to you have in mind doing, maybe that will help in deciding what I can get rid of?

I don't think I have a Subaru body as both those were used.

I have just had a good look through the roof, and the only thing I have spare from the Subaru is a decal set and a set of wheels.

I have another Pennzoil R34 coming, and will redo the body, which will leave a spare body needing striiping of paint, if you want that Warren?

EVO wise I can't offer you much apart from decals and bumpers I'm afraid.

I might have been a bit optimistic in saying most parts at this stage!
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