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Re: Re: forenza= happy owners????????

Originally Posted by MagicRat
Well, Suzuki is not like most other Japanese cars, the brand does very poorly in initial quality surveys (actually they are in last place of 146 brands, for last year.) This does not mean they are bad cars; they are better than the highest quality car of 12-15 years ago, but are behind all the other brands.

These cars give you lots of stuff for the money when new, so they are considered good value. However, their resale value simply plummits fast and far.
Do some research, shop around and you should be able to get a used one really cheap. Just do not expect to sell it to someone else for much.
Check out here for owner written reviews
i better just keep my 1994 geo prizm and fix the automatic transmission problem.i ain,t about to spend 9 0r 10 grand for a forenza and have to marry the car.
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