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07 Frontier multiple issues

I would like to begin with the windshield nozzles not allowing any fluid to come out. The dash even has a light that comes in saying that the windshield fluid is clogged. I have tried to use a t-pin to attempt to clean out the head, but no dice. The only thing I can think of here is to completely get under the hood and attempt to detach the head from the hoses in order to figure out how to clean them out, but they seem to be attached to the frame instead of being attached to the hood.

Next is the catalytic converter. I recently went to my local Autozone where one of their employees told me about Catacleaner and I have already put that into the fuel tank, but I have no idea if that liquid will work or if I should go ahead and just order a new catalytic converter to get rid of the error code on that.

The third is either a seat belt or airbag error message (it is a red error light). I am open to all info about this. If someone wants me to take a photo of it, I will gladly do so.

The last (for now) is the fuel pump. I found out that the fuel pump doesn't read the fuel amount correctly as the needle immediately stays at the E mark if it stays below quarter of the tank. Anything above the quarter mark and it seems to read it properly. I have purchased a brand new fuel pump assembly & would like to know if people think that replacing the assembly will take care of this issue.

Thanks in advance,
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