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Re: What should Chevy's next step with the Camaro be.

alright the camaro is slated to come out in 2009 according to super chevy mag also what i think it should have is a base v6 around 200hp a 5.3 rs 300 hp ls2 z28 400 hp and the ss should have the ls7 500 hp for eating up all the new shelby gt 500's, also to sell well gm will have to smooth out the concept to appeal to female as well as male consumers and as far as putting a 454 in thats just ridiculous the thing weighs a ton(not really) the old big block is dead its not even in the 08' trucks any more why put a big block in it when you can get better fuel economy(25+ highway) equal performance and less curb weight out of the smalblock thats my
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