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In FIA or British GT? I didn't watch the 2000 season, that summer was sort of a haze of partying a little too hard.

I live in Canada, and we get screwed out of most of the good races by the American media, who will actually cancel an important points race for some infernally hell damned stock car race! "lets saahhy whoo'all caahn hoohk up tha beest lahn at tha south'rn 5 hunn'rd"

I just make sure to catch Motorsport Mundial every week. EVERY week. We do have some good racing with the SCCA/Speed channel world challenge. Good racing there, really competive.

I was under the impression the LM600 was a derivitave of the Mantis, and they used the Mantis to clear homolgamation rules, but ran with a LT-5 based V8. I could be horribly wrong however, the announcers were always yakking about the newest restrictions to the vipers.

I know about Morgans, great cars. Tell me more about the new Jensens, and other fabulous sports cars they won't let us have over here

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