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i'm not saying that there aren't people who love the sound of powerful muscle cars, but there are also many people who enjoy other sounds better......and if you want 'relatively' lower end cars that sound good, why don't you try a 350z or an m3? you're only talking about four-banger POS cars in comparison to muscle cars but you never mention any other engines like a v6, i6, v12, etc.......and also, not everybody is concerned with sheer power......when you take handling feel into consideration, many people don't want a car that simply sounds brutish and pulls like a rocket......they want something light, easy to throw around, and many times something with an engine sound that stirs the soul.....i mean the standard porsche boxster doesn't even do below 6 seconds from 0-60 but many people still love the engine sound.....unless you're tone deaf or something, you would realize that to a given person, certain types of sound are percieved as harsh while others are more pleasing. saying that simply the acceleration of the car makes the engine sound good is like saying that a beautiful woman who sounds like a dying dog has a wonderful voice simply because she looks beautiful. don't just discount any engine smaller than a v8 or v10 because i guarantee there are many people who enjoy some of the 6 cylinder engines as much as i do.
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