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Re: Replacing intake gasket...

Originally Posted by tczer34
I am to the point in this job where i need to remove the lower intake. I cannot free up the fuel rails in order to do this. I did not want to mess with the connections towards the master cylinder, or remove the fuel rails/injectors so I loosened the connections towards the right side of the rails (looking at the front of the car) but i can't get the rear fuel rail connections loose? Anyone else have this problem??

Also, I saw that many people ref the new GM gaskets, I was planning on using the Felpro ones available from AutoZone and the bolts that I removed, a good idea??

Thank you in advance. Desperate to fix this POS.

If you follow the fuel rail you'll find that it is bolted on the lower side of the engine. This nut is very difficult to see. I left it on when disconnecting the fuel rail while cursing but could not get the threads to line back up. After what must have been about an hour of cursing and sleeping on it, I noticed it the next morning. Seeing it is half the battle, removing and replacing is the other. When you do finally get it undone, keep your eye on the green o-ring. The second job that I did for a friend I still didn't see it pop out even though I was looking for it. I later found it on the block.

I used Auto Zone parts and the original bolts which I cleaned, pipe doped and set with serviceable locktite. Knock on wood, that was 50,000 miles ago no leaks on mine or my buddy's.
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