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Re: 01 automatic transmission

Originally Posted by 16th hippy
if she had a '96 or older, that would be correct(and may not be red). the 97-present uses a front engine, rear transaxle configuration, simply meaning the trans is in the back and motor in is the front. hers is a C-5 generation(97-04,). the auto trans has that bolt on side of tranny pan. the C-5's with a manual is same way as far as tranny in back, and it is mostly like any other manual, with a check/fill plug halfway or so up the trans case, and a drain plug close to or on bottom. did that red C-3 in your pic have some kind of front end damage?
Ah yes thank you. I forgot the new ones have the transmission in the back. I should have known that, my mom has an 04.

I'm not exactly sure what all it has been through. I would assume it has had some kind of front end repair, considering there are wood screws screwed into the body. The previous owner butchered it pretty badly, but the price was right. $2,700 believe it or not.

Originally Posted by sportlinetta
lol, u guys are dummmmmmmmmmmmb im 14 n i know more. i gotta 88 camaro.
Originally Posted by sportlinetta
would that mean get a new cylinder or plug???
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