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VT II Overheating problem - Strange

Hey guys, been reading up on here before I posted yet another VT overheating thread.

Under normal driving conditions, temp guage will shoot up and I'll get the 'hot' warning on the dash.

Happened 3 times in about 10 hours of driving (currently lost my license, only drive it around the block and idle it to turn it over).

Water pump was replaced about 50,000km's ago. Coolant was flushed and replaced about 3 months/5000km's ago. No leaks under the car anywhere it is parked, coolant levels ok.

The first time it happened I put about 2L of water in it, sat it in the shade for half an hour and drove it home. Temps were normal. Since then it has happened twice, both times I've pulled over immediately, popped the hood. Coolant levels fine, not dry. Radiator fans aren't going, engine is cool to touch.

First thing to check? I spent 3 months in the snow and have driven back to tropical summer but I think the radiator is fine...

Any help appreciated! Hopefully it's an inexpensive fix - bubbles in the coolant/faulty thermostat or something, not sure what to look for cos it's my first car.
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