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Question what is the best chip, intake, and exhaust for a 2001 VW Gti VR6???

I have a 2001 VW Gti VR6 and I want to do something to imporve the performance of my car without sacrificing the reliability, but I am also on a $2000 budget b/c I have a house and another car to pay off!!! What chip would give me the most horsepower/torque (I have looked at the JET performance chip-claimed 13-15hp-and thats about it). Also, what would be the best intake and exhaust to buy (most torque/hp)??

Almost forgot to mention this, but what chip(s) will take off the speed limiter on my GTi?? While racing Civics, Integra's, and all of the usual rice I have been hitting it quite often !!
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