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Check Engine Light

Hi! I own a Volvo S80 2008. While on my way to buy new tires for my car, I got a flat tire (while driving on the highway). luckily I had a spare tire and I was able to change the tire with the help of a gentleman. The spare tire had very low tire pressure, and the Low tire pressure light lit up on the board. I drove slowly to the nearest tire shop, and I changed all my tires. When I got the car back, the low tire pressure light was still on, but the mechanic told me it will go off if I drive the car for maximum 10 minutes. I drove back home with the new tires, the light was still on (even if the tires were not deflated at all), I parked the car, I turned off the engine and I wanted to restart it to see if the low tire pressure light goes off. However, what happened was that when I tried to start car (by pressing the start button and the clutch), the clutch was locked, the engine wouldnt start, and the check engine light appeared on board. Can anyone help me please? I really need my car tomorrow and I do not know why it doesnt want to start now...Do you think something happened at the tire shop, or did I do something stupid?
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