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951 - what to do (upgrades)???

I have just purchased an '86 951 which is standard except for the following mods: garrett t3/t4 hybrid stage 3 turbo with 0.63 exh, Motec engine managment (M4 I think), Bosch 044 motorsport fuel pump, 74 lb injectors, HKS waste gate, K & N air filter, custom exhaust and turbo piping/intercooler piping, short shifter. It has factory option Bilstein sports suspension package for '86 mod (not the M030 package, ie it still has torsion bar etc).

The car is going to be a daily driver for infrequent track use.

Just have a few questions:

1) How much power can I safely run through the engine as it has stock internals (bearing in mind that it is primarily a road car and I would only be thrashing it 2% of the time)? Would 350-400hp be too much?

2) What are the best suspension upgrades I can carry out for $2000 AUD ($1500 US)? I guess a second hand M030 package would be more expensive than this? And where to buy from in Aus (or US if cheaper)?

3) Are there any other relatively inexpensive mods that are worth carrying out without having to pull apart the engine?

4) Could I put the front brakes on the rear and put some 928 or other brakes on the front? What braking upgrade is recommendable if I want to spend around $1000 - 1500 AUD ($1000 US)?

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