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Originally posted by hakka
Yes, an 8.95 on DOT streets, with a full leather interior, AC, CD player, etc. Supra's put down some pretty impressive numbers, but they're dyno queens. For some reason (unknown to me) they can't seem to put down the power very well. How many street legal Supras do you know of running 8s?

Why wouldn't you consider the Lingenfelter a supercar? Its handbuilt in limited quantities, with a pricetag in the supercar range, more than enough power, a reworked suspension, etc. People generally consider european tuner cars, such as TechArt and Gembella Porsches or Hamann and AC Schnitzer Bimmers to be supercars, so why not the Vette? This guy's homebuilt T66 is not a supercar, for the same reason that any homebuilt car is not considered a supercar. A Veilsde or HKS car, however, I would consider a supercar.
Not bad thats actually pretty damn fast 8.95 but I think that Titan Supra ran mid to high 8's Im not positive so dont go crazy and you got a link or any proof of this 8.95 just so I can check it out. Well I guess you would have to talk to some very high up auto guy on what is considered a Supercar and what isnt. My guess of it not being considered a Supercar is production number and stuff like that.

You know how reliable the 427TT is though with all that tuning like could I drive like a Lambo everyday and not have a problem?
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