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Originally posted by DeViL
How would they seem boring? A 350 hp Corvette is anything but boring, same goes for the 03 Cobra and 01 Cobra, Cobra R, Viper, I mean the list goes on of cars that are fun to drive. They don't even have to be the most powerful either.

I appreciate the supercars like Lamborghinis and Ferraris, what I was talking about though that I don't care for are the high horsepower tuned cars. Like the Venom Vipers, Lingenfelter Corvette, that high powered Supra. They're power is impressive but I just don't like talking about them. Usually arguements will come up about well this supercar is better then this supercar, and they just sound lame.
I know exactly what you mean man but I just needed to get back at the people who talk about the Vette all the time. I more then appreciate the Ferrari's, Lambo's, etc. because those are true supercars that were put into production and not high end souped up cars.

And this 427TT ran an 8.95 on all street legal stuff?
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