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Originally posted by DeViL
Personally I don't care about supercars at all. McLarens, Twin turbo billion hp Corvettes by Lingenfelter, all that is nice and everything but you can't afford that stuff. The prices start getting way out of hand, very few people in the world own them, and to me they just appear to be another concept.
You have to appreciate supercars. They are one of the most important groups of the car tree (ricers at the bottom ). The prices are out of hand, but they are hand-built quality engineering. And because only a handful of people can afford them, that makes them rara and even more of a pleasure to see one. Without supercars, all cars around the world would just be "normal", and most of them boring. You have to appreciate supercars. Saying that they are not amazing is like saying muscle cars weren't important in the evolution of the automobile. Even if you do not care for them, you must call a spade a spade, and say that they are all works of art.
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