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Re: For Anyone Who Owns a Digital Tire Gauge

Originally Posted by RidingOnRailz View Post
So, if hypothetically, I adjust all my tires to indicate exactly 32.0PSI, one tire might actually have 33, another one 31, and so on?

So how do I know if the gauge is indicating low(causing me to overinflate) or indicating high(resulting in underinflation)?

By "lower full scale capability" do you mean, buying a 5-60psi gauge vs a 5-100 model?
I would expect the gauge to be consistent, it just might be consistently high by as much as 1psi or consistently low by as much as 1psi. I would not expect it to read high 1 reading and then low on the next though.

Regarding lower full scale capability, yes, you interpreted my comment correctly. For a gauge that can read up to 100 psi, 0.5% full scale would be 0.5 psi. For one that has a 60 psi full scale, 0.5% would be 0.3 psi.

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