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Cool For Anyone Who Owns a Digital Tire Gauge


I need some recommendations for a digital tire pressure gauge. I'm getting the dropsies in old age and do not have the budget to keep replacing my clock-face analog bleeder models from Slime and Accu-Gage after dropping them only from the height of a tire, and finding out they are no longer accurate from even such a short fall onto pavement.
My priorities are:

1. Must read down to 1/10th - not 1/2, not a whole - but one-tenth PSI, IE: 32.7 or 29.2psi (yes, it matters!)
2. Have a bleeder valve as my clock-face gauges all did.
3. Price: approx $$$ on a scale of $(cheapo) - $$$$$(military pentagon grade).

Any suggestions, models you have had good experience with?


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