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Re: Clock Spring Replacement

I followed the detailed step by step instructions at this post and it is spot on.

One note....
Since the steering wheel does not lock it is tough to get the center bolt loose by yourself. I used an electric impact wrench and it zipped right off.

Also you do not need steering wheel puller, just pull from the top, the the bottom , then the sides and the steering wheel will come right off.

Now here is the tricky part.. When you re install the steering wheel you will be using the center bolt to "push" the steering wheel back on.And since the wheel does not lock you will have an issue unless someone holds the wheel for you. I used the impact wrench to reinstall the center bolt but you must use an IMPACT T50 or you will break it.

Also don't over tighten because once the wheel is on as far as it will go the IMPACT T 50 will start to tear up the inside of the center bolt.
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