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Re: 2006 Altima no heat when idling

My wife's 2004 Altima (4 cyl) experienced the same symptoms (heater was not terribly warm, blew cold at idle, gurgling sound under dash (likely heater core) occassionally. The fix was SIMPLE. I parked the car on a steep hill, going up hill. I removed the radiator cap (let it cool first, or it will spew hot coolant & burn you - use a towel, too, just to be extra safe). Start the car and let it warm up. Rev it up to about 2500-3000 rpm and hold it there for about three minutes. Coolant will circulate and burble out of the top of the radiator - along with the air pockets that were in the system. Once this is done, top off the radiator with anti-freeze mix (use the right kind - (green) and use distilled water to mix it). Put the radiator cap back on and top off the coolant recovery reservoir. It took about ten minutes, about a quart of anti-freeze and no tools. It immediately began blowing HOT - even at idle. That's it! Very simple, very inexpensive. Obviously, your problem could be more involved, but this is definitely the thing to try first. It worked like a charm for me. The hill I used put the front wheels about 2-1/2 feet above the rear wheels (fairly steep hill). Good luck!
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