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Re: $99 down, $99 a good to be true?

How is your credit? Alot of these dealerships that advertise these deals are just fishing for customers. I worked at a used dealership in Sunrise Florida that used that type of advertising. They promised in all of their ads that they can finance anyone regardless of your credit score and it will only be $99 down and $99 a month. And they kept true that deal...but only to people with good to excellent credit. Alot of those ads if you look at the bottom will have WAC in small print. With acceptable credit.

Big dealers have no problem lying to people to get them on the lot. Once you get there they inform you that you don't qualify for that deal and try to sell you a car with a big downpayment and horrible interest rate. Alot of people they just turn down and send them on their way.

They dealership that I worked at had a policy with their sales people that nobody sees the key to a vehicle or takes a test drive without a credit check first. Alot of the customers that had bad credit were just turned away. I would have to tell them that we can't sell them a car. People would get really pissed. Expecially if they drove over an hour from Miami because they thought we would put them in a car for $99 down and $99 a month. Most weekends I would see over 30 customers a day. Run their credit, turn them down, and move to the next one. I'd usually hit my 10 percent and make 3 sales for the day.
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