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Re: Sources for TT front clip /

Originally Posted by Tach_it
I guess I didn't really look at the date, but I am glad you were able to get a clip a reasonable price. I can't agrue some one finding a better deal, for the main reason of the high cost of clips is probaly due to the increased difficulty of importing front clips and dealing with increased restrictions on customs. Either way I am glad for you to have some real power, and if you ever need help locating some new or used parts drop me a line at
By the way have you had the car on a dyno?
I have had it on the dyno twice. Last year, shortly after completing (most of) the TT conversion, it did 443 rwhp on stock intercoolers on a 93 degree day on 16 psi boost. Then, over the winter, I added Z1 Side mount intercoolers & a few other things. I turned the boost up to 20 psi, added 111 octane race fuel, & switched the Ash-Spec program to the "race fuel" setting, & it only did 455 rwhp on a 55 degree day. It should have been much higher, which means I have a boost leak, or something else going on. I will have to do some checking into what's going on. A little background on the car's mods, many of which came from Z1 Motorsports: JWT Sport 700 turbos, Stillen ported & polished exhaust manifolds~Power Enterprise 850cc fuel injectors~Ported & Machined lower plenum with bosses cut for new style fuel rails~New style oem fuel rails ~ Z1 front mount intercoolers~Ash-Spec ECU with 2 programs (1 for pump fuel & 1 for race fuel)~Walbro hi flow fuel pumpDoolz dual pop intake with 2 JWT performance power intakes~JWT performance street clutch & pressure plate~3", stainless steel 5 bolt downpipes ~ 3" exhaust all the way back W/ Random Technology high flow cats ~ Greddy Profec B Spec 2 boost controller ~ Stainless steel clutch line~ASP under drive pulley~One piece driveshaft ~ Z1 short throw shifter ~ Kaixen HID headlight conversion~17 5 spoke alloy wheels ~Michelin Pilot Sport tires. 255-40-17's rear & 225-45-17's front
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