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Re: Sources for TT front clip /

Originally Posted by vicmtzmtz
Do not buy from speedline!!! Its a bad nightmare with Arley. He sold me a bum engine with no oil pressure, and his reaction was that I was taking up his time. He wanted me to send back the engine, of course me paying the shipping for the both the replacement and the bummed engine. Lets not leave out the fact that I had to pay a mechanic to do all this work. My 300zx is still dead, but this time I'm saving the money for conceptZperformance. Do not waste any money/time with Arley, save it and go with the proven.
Did you put a new oil pan on the engine before you installed it? If not, that is almost certainly why you don't have oil pressure. 99% of the Japanese import engines you buy have been sitting on the floor on their oil pan. That dents the bottom. The oil pump is very close to the oil pan, & when the pan get dented, it keeps the pump from being able to suck in oil. Install a new oil pan & you will almost certainly have good oil pressure.
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