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Re: Hydrogen inside Air Intake increases Gas Mileage?

Originally Posted by KiwiBacon
HHO does not exist. The products of electrolysing water are hydrogen (H2) and Oxygen (O2).
Anyone who claims the have a device which produces HHO can be quickly and accurately dismissed as a quack.
Amen to that. I want to vomit every time I see those phony links to a Fox News story about HHO.

You can use electrolysis to supplement your gasoline intake a tiny bit... I mean on the order of 1/10,000 of the intake volume, but you have to understand that an alternator can take up to 1 hp per every 15 amps it creates. 15 amps won't make nearly enough hydrogen to make a difference, but it WILL drag down the alternator and spoil any fuel mileage gains you might have created; not to mention dramatically reducing the service life of your charging system. There is no free energy, so simpler is better. Any time you add on another system, you are wasting more energy than you're gaining. Its a chemical fact.

A 15 amp solar panel these days is about 5' x 10', weighs somewhere around 100 lbs, and costs in the neighborhood of $2000. So, until you spend the money on the panels, mount them to the car, wire them in, and design and buy your hydrogen system, you'll be big bucks into a system that only works in bright direct sunlight and doesn't provide nearly enough hydrogen to notice any difference. Plus, I would imagine that a 50 square foot sail on top of your car can't be good for mileage either.

The reason its not done is because it CAN'T be done... not with current technology. The internet is so full of this free-energy, government conspiracy, youtube nonsense that it makes me want to learn how to write a computer virus so I can shut youtube and FoxNews down. I'm all for government conspiracies, but hydrogen technology is not being kept down by snipers and men in black suits, its good old fashioned physical laws, like the law of conservation of energy. Can't get around that one. Its a biggie.
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