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Re: Hydrogen inside Air Intake increases Gas Mileage?

Originally Posted by mikasf
In fact it is not useless. And you can make your HHO simply by yourself from distilled water, and get 10-50 % more mpg using this method. Easy and simple. You don't need much hydrogen to use as a hybrid fuel to your car's engine, and it _does_ increase your mileage. It also cleans your engine while burning.

Have you tried it? Many others have, and it seems to work. Really.
HHO does not exist. The products of electrolysing water are hydrogen (H2) and Oxygen (O2).
Anyone who claims the have a device which produces HHO can be quickly and accurately dismissed as a quack.

The rate that hydrogen and oxygen are produced by electrolysis is soo slow that it cannot affect the running of a car engine at all.
Exactly what effect do you think a hydrogen bubble the size of a flys fart in every cubic metre of air will have?

Are you a vendor of such a system?
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